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Award Winning Sanctuaries

The South African Animal Sanctuary Alliance (SAASA) consisting of Monkeyland, Birds of Eden and The Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary are the current winners of the Lilizela Service Excellence Awards - Best Visitor Experience 'Wildlife Encounters'; Skål International Sustainable Tourism Award - Best Major Attraction; winner of the 'Best Animal Welfare Initiative' and overall winner of the World Responsible Tourism Awards.
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Lilizela Tourism Awards SKAL International Sustainable Tourism Awards World Responsible Tourism Awards World Responsible Tourism Awards
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Monkeys In Movies

Fact: Everybody loves monkeys. Hollywood knows this. Put a monkey in your movie and you're guaranteed some degree of success, be it in the form of an instant smash hit, or a cult following that develops over time. Monkeys equal comedy gold!


At Monkeyland we don’t agree with the unnatural use of primates in the film, print and television industry.

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International Primate Day - 1st September Annually

Primate suffering, abuse, exploitation and persecution in South Africa will be highlighted on September 1 when Animal Rights Africa (ARA) joins the growing international effort to publicise the plight of primates the World over.

International Primate Day, which is observed on September 1 every year, was founded in 2005 by British-based Animal Defenders International for animal campaigners across the world to focus on the exploitation and persecution of primates.

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When Potential Becomes A Reality

Without applied effort, potential remains just that – potential! But take a man of vision and passion, give him a few like-minded people and some encouragement and that potential becomes a reality.


Tony Blignaut, CEO of Monkeyland, is a man of great vision:


Tony had become aware of the “systematic demise of African primate populations through the ‘bushmeat’ trade” in the late 60’s and early 70’s. He conceived a dream of a forest sanctuary for ex-captive primates and this became a shared dream in 1995 when he met tourism student Lara Mostert.

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Interesting Facts About Recycling


Did you know that:


* Up to 60% of the rubbish that ends up in the average dustbin could be recycled?

* The unreleased energy contained in the average dustbin each year could power a television for 5,000 hours? Err, ok maybe not the best use for it but better than adding to the waste mountain :-)

* On average, around 16% of the money you spend on a product pays for the packaging, which ultimately ends up as rubbish?

* As much as 50% of the waste thrown in the dustbin could be used as compost?

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Global Giving

The squirrel monkey is thought to be one of the most intelligent species of primate. It has the largest brain to body mass ratio of all the monkey species in the world.
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