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Some Animals Look Alike, But Do They Speak The Same Language?

Interesting article written by Brian Palmer for the Miami Herald. Read the original story here.

An Ape-y Ending

Reported by The Daily Mail. Gorilla families missing for three months found alive after warring factions let rangers into Congo forest. A civil war is raging in the Democratic Republic of Congo but both sides have agreed on one point - by allowing rangers in a national park to search for some missing gorillas.   Around 20 rangers and 15 local trackers began a search on Tuesday for the missing mountain gorilla families in Virunga National Park. And four of the seven ape groups have been...

Classic Lateral Thinking Exercises

Test yourself with these thinking excercises. The solutions are at the bottom of the page. Don't be lazy. Try hard to figure these out before you look! It'll be a lot more satisfying.

Extinction Threat To Monkeys And Other Primates Due To Habitat Loss, Hunting

ScienceDaily (Aug. 5, 2008) — Mankind's closest relatives – the world's monkeys, apes and other primates – are disappearing from the face of the Earth, with some literally being eaten into extinction.

Scientists Engineer "chimera"

Roku, Hex and Chimero are the world’s first primate chimeras - individual monkeys made from multiple fertilized eggs of the same species.