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Some Gorillas May Eat Monkeys

Washington, 6th of March 2010.  A recent study that found monkey DNA in the feces of wild African mountain gorillas, has hinted that some gorilla species eat monkeys, and are not entirely vegetarian as earlier presumed.

Monkey Bussiness In Plettenberg Bay, Sa

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“The universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than be can suppose.” quote by J.B.S. Haldane, evolutionary biologist   Homosexuality, in monkeys, can be defined as pair bonding and sex occurring between two or more members of the same sex in the same specie.

What Makes Monkeyland So Different

Monkeyland is unique in that the sanctuary caters for several species of primate, and they are not caged, they are free to move about the forest, and do so in harmony. The primates are therefore not found on predetermined points displayed on a map, the emphasis is to search for them, and the reward is to see them as they should be: free and in the wild.

Planning Ahead

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I am sure that all of us at one stage or another have thought about what will happen to our feathered friends when we are not able to look after them any more. This has concerned me ever since I first took on a rescue cockatoo many years ago. Try as I might, and looking around the world, I could not come up with an existing bird sanctuary that met my guide lines.

Tourism Is Magic

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Tourism is the magic word in 21st century global economics, meaning many things to many people in many countries. In South Africa, of course, it can mean anything from selling beadwork to taking people on tours of the Garden Route. But what does it take to really crack it in tourism?

Monkeys In Movies

Films drive trend for keeping pet monkeys   Fact: Everybody loves monkeys. Hollywood knows this. Put a monkey in your movie and you're guaranteed some degree of success, be it in the form of an instant smash hit, or a cult following that develops over time. Monkeys equal comedy gold! Hollywood movies and popular television shows featuring cute monkeys and other primates are driving demand for them as exotic pets, only to leave the animals psychologically damaged.


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Interesting Facts About Monkeys

The monkey species as we know it today, is either Cercopithecoid - Old World Species, or Platyrrhine - New World primates. A total of more than 260 species are extant in the modern world, and all of them are distinct in behaviour and habitat.

Capuchin Monkey Habitat

Capuchin monkeys are very adaptable and hence can survive almost anywhere.

Monkey Themed Baby Shower

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Planning to have a monkey theme baby shower? This is definitely a great idea to have the most exciting party to celebrate this special news of arrival of that little one.

Endangered Gorillas

Though the Gorilla is always purported as a violent beast, it is not so. Here are some reasons and information behind Gorillas being an endangered species.   The Gorilla is the largest primate existing today. The Gorilla is an omnivore, which means that it eats animals as well as plants. The Gorilla is also the most relative animal, apart from chimpanzees to humans today, with almost ninety seven to ninety eight percent of their DNA matching with humans.

Birds Of Eden Celebrates Fifa 2010

What a wonderful idea! Celebrating the freedom of previously captive or rehabilitated wild birds on Freedom Day and linking their release to the upcoming 2010 Soccer World Cup.   Lara Mostert, the marketing strategist of Birds of Eden, the largest free flight aviary in the world, wanted to release birds for each country participating in the Soccer World Cup and to involve the local community in this celebration.

Types Of Monkeys

Lets chat about Monkeys, not primates, but just monkeys.  Gibbons and lemurs are as example not monkeys.  Gibbons are lesser apes (they have no tails) and lemurs are prosimians (pre-monkey).   Although apes, monkeys and prosimians are all primates, we are only talking about the monkeys now.

Curious George Birthday Party Games

Here are a few party games for kids. GEORGE SAYS How to play:   Model a round of this "Simon Says" style game. (Remember to replace "Simon" with "George" in your prompt. For example: "George says touch your toes. Now, touch your cheek. George didn't say touch your cheek.") Use Curious George-type prompts, such as "George says pretend you're eating a banana," "George says pretend you're hiding under a Big Yellow Hat," o...

Amazing World Map

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Please click here and put the mouse on any country and on the left of your screen you will see the total amount of CO2 being emitted and that of each individual person. You can also see population size and the frequency with which persons die or are born in that country.


Chimpanzees are known as one of the most intelligent animals in the world and they are visibly much similar to human beings. Their nature and their actions have similarities with human behavior. In fact now it has been scientifically proved that chimpanzees are the closest living relatives that humans have. They should not be confused with monkeys and gorillas.

Monkey Habitat

There are more than 260 extant monkey species known today (sientists always argue about the exact number). The cercopithecoid or platyrrhine monkey is the most common today and belongs to the simian primate groups, meaning that they are smaller and longer-tailed than apes (apes actually have no tails).. Monkeys are part of the grouping referred to as primates - apes and prosimians also belong to this group.  We are nowever only chatting about monkeys now.

The Aye-aye

Daubentonia madagascariensis



Is The World's Smallest Monkey Not Really A Monkey?

Tarsius syrichta