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Who Eats Lemurs?

The Answer Is More Complex Than You'd Think. Poverty drives bushmeat consumption in some regions of Madagascar, but not everywhere. For years now, conservationists have warned that many Madagascar’s lemur species risk extinction due to rampant deforestation, the illegal pet trade, and the emerging trade in the primates’ meat. Now three disturbing new studies reveal previously unknown details about how the bushmeat trade threatens lemurs, and they’re not all what you m...

The Slaughter Of Wildlife

The slaughter of wildlife for meat in Sabah and Sarawak must stop. Some people see no difference between consuming chicken meat or the meat of protected animals like pangolins. Others positively seek the gastronomic thrill, as they see it, of consuming the meat of rare and “exotic” animals. One can make the argument, as many people have duly done, that ethically speaking there is no difference between eating beef or chicken and eating sambar deer or pangolin. This is because, it...

Eateries Selling Bushmeat Beware

Kota Kinabalu: Sabah Wildlife Enforcement Unit has continued its operations in the East Coast since it launched its operations to hunt for turtle poachers in Semporna last month.

28,000 Lemurs Stolen From The Wild

Ringtailed Lemurs Threatened by Illegal Pet Trade. Residents of Madagascar have stolen 28,000 lemurs from the wild in the past three years.

Ringtailed Lemur Populations Have Crashed By 95%

As few as 2,000 of these beloved primates remain in the forests of Madagascar, according to new research.