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Award Winning Sanctuaries

The South African Animal Sanctuary Alliance (SAASA) consisting of Monkeyland, Birds of Eden and The Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary are the current winners of the Lilizela Service Excellence Awards - Best Visitor Experience 'Wildlife Encounters'; Skål International Sustainable Tourism Award - Best Major Attraction; winner of the 'Best Animal Welfare Initiative' and overall winner of the World Responsible Tourism Awards.
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Lilizela Tourism Awards SKAL International Sustainable Tourism Awards World Responsible Tourism Awards World Responsible Tourism Awards
Monkeyland News
3 Amazing Wildlife Sanctuaries On The Garden Route Of South Africa

The parks’ indigenous forest is home of 550 primates, 200 species of birds and some of Africa’s largest cats. Monkeyland, Birds of Eden and Jukani are animal sanctuaries like no other.

Unlike other parks, they are a place of refuge, with fare trade accreditation and environmentally sound standards. Their focus is on conservation, eco-tourism and education. The 3 parks are South’s Africa’s pioneers in reintroducing mistreated animals back into their original environment. Their common mission is to rehabilitate their “guests” back into their wild state. They are implementing a ground breaking approach in their forest and spreading the knowledge to other wildlife parks overseas. In the parks, animals feel free, healthy and happy. The parks do not allow touching, petting, playing, feeding, handling or traumatizing the animals in any way.
On guided tours in Monkey land you will see free roaming multi-species primates, including gibbons, howler monkeys, vervet monkeys, langurs, sakis, capuchins, squirrel monkeys, spider monkeys, ring-tailed lemurs and the critically endangered black and white ruffed lemurs.
Birds of Eden host world’s largest single dome free-flight bird aviary in the world with over 200 different species of birds. The park is nested in 2.3 hectares of forest with waterways, suspensions bridges and natural walkaways.
Jakani is home of large cats such as lion, Bengal and Siberian tiger, jaguar, and more together with other wildlife such as the African wild dog, hyena, jackal, honey badger, zebra, raccoons.
Those 3 amazing sanctuaries are a true example of what a wildlife sanctuary should be and encourage other parks to follow the lead. There is no need to traumatize animals for the sake of tourism. It’s fun, exciting and very education to have wildlife encounters in a sanctuary where animal run free and feel happy.

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Wow What An Accolade!

Launched in May 2013, the Lilizela Tourism Awards aim to recognise and reward the highest levels of excellence in the tourism value chain. The name is derived from the Zulu word ‘’Lilizela’’ which means celebrating and praising by ululating when someone has done well. The award is the brainchild of the National Department of Tourism (NDT); spearheaded by South African Tourism and delivered by the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa.

This year, Visitor Experience of the Year as well as the Tourist Guide of the Year have been added, recognised and awarded.

“These Awards recognise and reward tourism players and businesses who work passionately and with pride to deliver a world class product and service and whose delivery grows South Africa’s global destination competitiveness.”

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Yolande Stander From The Garden Route Media Rapports

WHILE having a personal encounter with a wild animal tops many tourists' bucket lists, these interactions could have devastating effects on the animals, especially on primates, as they are vulnerable to human infections.

Indiana University's department of anthropology associate professor and director of the Evolutionary Physiology and Ecology Lab, Dr Michael Muehlenbein recently visited the Garden Route as part of a global study aimed at gauging the impact of ecotourism on primates and creating guidelines to ensure the well-being of these animals.

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Baboon Caught In Snare

As most of you know, we have a resident troop of baboons on the grounds of Monkeyland and Birds of Eden. A few days ago it was noticed that one of the females had a snare around her neck and on Monday we were able to capture her and remove it

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Monkey Business: Eccentric Berlin Zoo Director Under Scrutiny

The Berlin Zoological Garden is a flourishing business. For weeks now, shareholders have been pleased about the rising share price of a company that seems extremely healthy.

At the beginning of the year, the zoo's operating assets included 1,059 mammals, 8,454 invertebrates and 770 amphibians. The annual report listed two red giant kangaroos, a night monkey and 14 capybaras as "remarkable breeding successes." What's more, the zoo is considered the world's most diverse in terms of the species it houses, and visitor numbers are also near the top internationally.

Nevertheless, the supervisory board is worried. Stories have repeatedly surfaced about zoo Director Bernhard Blaszkiewitz, whose management style has come under sharp criticism. Most recently, for example, when he described his women employees as "0.1" -- the zoological code for breeding females.

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The squirrel monkey is thought to be one of the most intelligent species of primate. It has the largest brain to body mass ratio of all the monkey species in the world.
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