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To Swerve Or Not To Swerve?

Every year, thousands of animals, including birds and reptiles are killed on South Africa's notoriously dangerous roads due to vehicle collision with animals. Colliding with wildlife is likely to cause significant harm to the driver, passengers, animals and the vehicle,yet evidence from a recent Endangered Wildlife Trust(EWT)study reveals that some drivers may in fact deliberately swerve to hit the animals.    Roadkill research undertaken by the EWT in the Greater Mapung...

Cruelty Uncovered At A Korean ‘monkey School’

caged in Korea at a Monkey School

An investigation by ADI into the Korean Monkey School - which forces monkeys to perform in degrading shows - revealed shocking conditions behind the scenes and cruelty to the animals during training. This video shows the suffering you don't see when you visit an animal show.  Find out more and how you can get involved at Animals in entertainment. It's no fun for the animals.  Animal Defenders International

Adi Uncovers Cruelty At Korean ‘monkey School’

Primate abuse in Korea

An investigation by ADI into a Korean “attraction” that forces monkeys to perform in degrading shows has revealed shocking conditions behind the scenes.   At the Monkey School, which is located in Gamgyori in South Korea, ADI found:   To make the monkeys walk on their hind legs, their hands are tied behind their backs - in the secretly filmed ADI video workers laugh as a terrified monkey repeatedly falls on his face   Monkeys kept in squalid ...

At Monkeyland In South Africa Horse And Baboons Are Friends

unlikely best friends

At first glance you would think this pair were the best of friends.   But this baboon hitched an uninvited lift on the back of Jericho the horse.   They were caught lazing in the sun together at Monkeyland and Birds of Eden animal sanctuary in the Western Cape of South Africa.   Sanctuary worker Claire Hamilton, 55, said the baboons are a wild troop who have roamed the area for 26 years – but are usually shy around humans and horses.   ...