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Meet The Famous Monkeyland Baboons And Horses

The famous Monkeyland Horses and wild Baboons

IT might have started out as just a little bit of monkeying around, but the antics of a troop of baboons and a rather bemused horse are making waves in Plettenberg Bay. When a female member of the troop, perhaps tired of travelling on foot, decided to hitch a horseback ride, staff at Monkeyland watched in delight. Members of her troop have now followed suit and film-makers and photographers are flocking to the popular Garden Route getaway to snap the rare phenomenon. Monkeyland ma...

More On Deterring Visiting Baboons

WHEN BABOONS ARE RAIDING YOUR HOME: The first question to ask yourself when you feel that your wild neighbors are crossing boundaries, entering your property or home and taking what you feel should belong to you, is “what is attracting these baboons here?” Once you have discovered whether it is an exotic fruit tree, your compost heap, black garbage bag or the fruit bowl left on your kitchen table, you then have the choice to remove the attraction. The answer to avoid having your p...

Tsotsis In The Treetops By Carlos Macuacua - Mozambique

"Tsotsis" mean "Bandits" in zulu and this short film showcases the mutual benefits between Ververt monkeys (the tsotsis) and humans. Location : Monkeyland - Plettenberg Bay - South Africa Wildlife film course at Beyond Borders Film School 25th January 2014 - 24th February 2014

Make It A Beautiful Day!

I Like To Move It Move It mahnisini oynayan meymun. Cox gulmelidir ; )