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7 Big Secrets About Primate Experiments In Australia

Primates are our closest living relatives, and yet for those born into Australia’s animal research industry it is their ‘uniquely human’ qualities that are ultimately costing them their freedom  - and their lives ...

An Introduction To Primate Conservation - An Excellent New Book About Monkeys, Lemurs And Apes

New book published entitled, "An Introduction to #Primate Conservation"! Order your copy at .

Primate Rampage: Monkeys Rip Up Voter Lists In Thailand

The road to a national vote on a new constitution took an unexpected turn in northern Thailand on Sunday, when 100 pig-tailed macaques reportedly stormed into a voting station and destroyed a section of the voter rolls and other documents.

Primates Enjoy Booze: Can It Hint At The Roots Of Alcoholism?

21 July 2016           By Alyssa Navarro for Tech Times  Two monkey-like primate species appear to enjoy drinking "booze" in the jungle, a new study revealed. The findings may help scientists pinpoint the roots of alcoholism or too much alcohol consumption in humans. 

Smart Primate! Capuchin Monkeys In Brazil Have Used Stone Tools For 700 Years, Scientists Discover

(Photo : Bart van Dorp/Wikimedia Commons) For the first time outside Asia and Africa, archaeologists have discovered that the capuchin monkeys in Brazil have used stone tools, such as hammers and anvils, for 700 years. Early humans using stone tools is a mark of human innovation. However, it seems that we are not the only species who know how to create and use them. Archaeologists have recently unearthed 700-year-old stone tools in Brazil. They said these were used by pre-Columbia...