Curious George Birthday Party Games

13th June 2010

Ask for a volunteer to lead the game.
Watch guests to make sure they're doing exactly as Curious George says. Guests who get anything wrong should take a seat for the duration of the game.
The last person standing will lead the next round of the game.

What you'll need:
animal cards (see attachment below)
hat, bowl or other container (such as an empty animal-cracker box)
How to prepare
Print and cut out all animal cards
Fold animal cards in half and place in hat, bowl or other container
How to play
Not all young kids have played charades. You may want to model this activity first by picking an animal card and "pretending" to be the animal. Ask the guests to guess what you are.
Next, ask a volunteer to pick an animal card. If the child seems shy or uncertain suggest he/she make the animal's sound or movements.
Players can call out answers individually or as a group without raising their hands. Turns aren't based on who calls out the correct answer first. Instead, everyone gets a chance to pick a card and act out an animal.
For more monkey madness try this: Once party guests correctly identify the animal, encourage them to try becoming that animal, "Everybody be a monkey!"
What you'll need:
a ball or bean bag
6 or more players
an open play space
How to play
Players form a circle, with each player standing an arm's length from the next player.
Choose one player to stand in the middle of the circle. The middle player is the "monkey."
Players take turns throwing the ball or bean bag to one another across the circle, trying to prevent the "monkey" from getting
Set the ball in play. If the monkey catches the ball as it is being thrown overhead he wins the round and joins the circle. The player who threw the ball that was caught by the monkey then becomes the new monkey in the middle.

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