Fast Political Facts About South Africa

18th June 2013
South Africa ranks 28th out of 167 countries surveyed in the 2011 Democracy Index, compiled by the Economist Intelligence Unit, ahead of France, Italy, Greece and all of the other BRICS countries. ranks South Africa as the 44th most democratic country in 2012 (43rd in 2011).

In the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Survey of Democratic Freedom, South Africa ranks 31st out of 184 countries. ranks South Africa as the 53rd least corrupt nation out of 150 nations surveyed in 2012, ahead of Italy, Greece and all the other BRICS nations (47th in 2011). Transparency International ranks South Africa 69th out of 150 countries in its corruption perception index 2012 (43rd in 2007, 64th in 2011).

South Africa ranks as the 62nd strongest state out of 177 countries in the Fund for Peace's Failed State Index 2012. (61st in 2011) The index measures state vulnerability based on 12 social, economic, political and military indicators.

"Personal satisfaction" with the country's democracy rose from 49% in 2008 to 60% in 2011, according to the continent wide Afrobarometer research group.