monkeyland Blog

Proudly South African

I am a vervet monkey named Bhalloo, and I was born in South Africa. I call this country home.    Did you know that I can swim? Vervet monkeys are the only species at Monkeyland who swim. Swimming is a rare behaviour for a non-human primates, so this makes us vervet monkeys special.

Too Clever

My name is Houdini.  I am a capuchin monkey. Did you know that capuchins have a reputation for being the most intelligent monkeys, since they are very easily taught tricks. This is why they have been trained as movie stars, pickpockets, organ grinders and even to nurse quadriplegic humans.

Just Like Us

In South Africa just outside the holiday Mecca Plettenberg Bay you’ll find the world’s first free-roaming multi-specie primate sanctuary.  It is aptly named Monkeyland.  At this sanctuary the primates are free roaming.

Bradgelina But Not For Long!

Did you know that at least 50 species of fruit trees in Madagascar depend on black lemurs to distribute their seeds? This is a vital contribution primates make to their natural habitat – without them; many seeds would not be removed from their tough husks. Furthermore, some seeds can only grow after they have been through the digestive system of a primate! Just like bees, black lemurs are also responsible for pollinating some plants.

The Worm That Went To Madagascar

Mealworms are small spaghetti-shaped nutty-tasting worms about 3cm in length and about as thick as an earbud. Fortunately mealworms don’t smell at all, so there is no fear of detection from our scent.  We do however let most primates salivate at the mere thought of munching us to pieces. You need to know this to understand why I am under such great stress most of the time.  Hiding has become my second nature.  I AM a mealworm.