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What Nut-eating Gorillas In Gabon Mean For Human Evolution

Researchers spent 6,000 hours documenting their diet. In Loango National Forest of Gabon, a group of western lowland gorillas sit down to dine. The gorilla diet is not exactly eclectic. It is mostly leaves, but this group does indulge in a fair bit of fruit. 

Meet Squawkzilla, The Massive Prehistoric Parrot Scientists Say Terrorized Other Birds

The remains of a parrot that stood more than half the height of an average human and roamed the earth 19 million years ago have been discovered in New Zealand. (Brian Choo/AFP/Getty Images)

Birds Got Their Colourful Eggs From Dinosaur Ancestors, New Study Suggests

Like feathers and wishbones, we now know that egg colour evolved in their dinosaur predecessors long before birds appeared.

The Lowdown In Plett High Five

The boss of adventure destinations, Plettenberg Bay, is bringing out the big guns for a season of adventure in nature: brace yourself for the Plett HIGH FIVE, the best excuse to head to Plett from 23 – 29 September 2019.

The Fattest Parrot In The World Could Be Completely Wiped Out By Fungal Infection

The future of the world’s fattest parrot – New Zealand’s Kakapo – is at risk from a dangerous fungal infection.