The Barns Plettenberg Bay

5th November 2013
The Stage Show, TWO COWBOYS,  A “ROCKER”, A "COUNTRY GIRL" and A 'LAAITIE",  featuring “Country Legends” Billy Forrest and Bobby Angel, “Rocker” Dennis East, "Country Girl" Cheree Strydom en die nuwe pop sensasie "Laaitie" Esmond is fast  emerging as one of the most complete “Family Entertainment” packages currently available on the South African Music  Entertainment Circuit.

THE TWO COWBOYS:BILLY FORREST and BOBBY ANGEL, as the Two Cowboys, will bring back “good ‘ol memories” and songs from an era where tens of thousands of Country Music fans gathered at venues like Bapsfontein, Fiestaland and the annual “Rand Easter Show Country Bonanza”, which drew an all-time record crowd of 60,000 people, back in 1980.

DENNIS EAST, as the Rocker,  needs no introduction, he has risen to the top ranks of South African Pop music, both as  Artist  and  Producer, where he contributed strongly to the successes of  Patricia Lewis,  Kurt Darren,  Dozi  and many more. In his own right Dennis East  is generally regarded as  SA’ s “Top Rocker”.  On Stage, after  thrilling audiences with  powerful renditions of  his own  big hits,  “A Million Drums”,  “A  Rose Has To Die” and “Dammit I Love You!”,  he moves on to other great South African Pop.

CHEREE STRYDOM, as the Country Girl,  from the age of 11,  Cheree started forging a career in the South African  music Industry and there is no doubt that this Cape Country Girl is here to stay!  Since the beginning of her involvement in the music industry in 2001, she has gone from strength!

ESMOND, as the LAAITIE, has just turned 18 and is the  "South-African Justin Bieber" with no less than 3 gold, 7 silver and 3 bronze medals that he won at the South African Arts Championships in Los Angeles.  Woman, young and old, fall in love with this very charming and talented young man, instantly.  Esmond has just been signed with DB Promotions Inc Billy Forrest Productions, on a 3 cd, 5 year contract and we are very excited about the future with this young man
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